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               SATURDAY 07/10             

  10:00        FESTIVAL OPENING  

  11:20        PERFORMANCE  

Colours of the Sun

George Papaconstantinou

A stitching of texts in the Cypriot dialect by the Cypriot poet and writer George Papaconstantinou with excerpts from the books Sunset and Colours.

  11:50        PRESENTATION  

Performance of Chinese calligraphy

Organised by the Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus

  16:00        NARRATION  

Little People, BIG DREAMS®

Author Margarita Vassilopoulou is coming to Nicosia Book Fest in high spirits to read us unique stories from the Little People, BIG DREAMS® book series of the Happy Meal Readers program.

We're talking about the children's books you get with every Happy Meal® ! Join us with your family or just your childhood soul...

  17:20        LIVE PERFORMANCE  

The Bar of Sensations

Anna Metochi

Reading of excerpts with live performance from the collective work of Antonis Andronikos, Eleni Karahanidis and Anna Metochi.

  17:50        NOVEL NARRATION  

The Treasure of Spain

Andri Christofidou Antoniadou

Performance - reading from the book by the actor Haris Evripidou.

  18:40        POETRY PERFORMANCE  

Daughter of migrants

Koraly Dimitriadis
Α performance about love, loss and the migrant experience.


Presentation in English.

                  SUNDAY 08/10                

  10:00        FESTIVAL OPENING  

  11:05       VIGNETTES ON STAGE  

Of Shame

Vivian Avraamidou-Ploubi

  11:45       POETRY PERFORMANCE  

The Betrayal of “I Love You”

with Panagiota Zintili

Excerpts from the poetry collection “Poetry on the streets”

  16:30       PRESENTATION  


with Maria Ioannou

Almyra Publications

  17:00       THEATRICAL  STAND  

La Pasionaria

Inspired by the book No Pasaran

Almyra Publications


Letter from the wife of protomastoras

Presented by the students of the G.C. School of Careers: Nikoletta Makridi, Anna Lorena Massia and Despina Kafkaridou.

General supervision: Stella Koutsogianni Panteli

  18:00       PRESENTATION  

Performance of Chinese calligraphy

Organised by the Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus

  18:30       POEMS SET TO MUSIC  

Red Lake

with Sofia Barka: poetry, dramatourgy, narrative performance and Nama Dama (Anastasia Demetriadou): music composition, stage performance

  18:45       ΧΧ  

Μελισσοφάγοι του Αλάσιου & Σημειώσεις στο περιθώριο Μιχάλη Χριστοφίδη, Εκδόσεις Αλμύρα

Πεζογραφία και ποίηση που ξεπερνούν τα οδοφράγματα και τους γλωσσικούς φραγμούς. Δίγλωσση Κυπριακή λογοτεχνία στην Τουρκική και την Ελληνική γλώσσα με φόντο μια Κύπρο επανενωμένη.

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