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Meet Jürgen Banscherus

the author of DETECTIVE KLUZ

Meet the author of DETECTIVE KLUZ

Jürgen Banscherus, at the NICOSIA BOOK FEST 2019 

At this year's festival, we will have the pleasure to welcome the German children's book author Jürgen Banscherus. The author of the unique detective Klooz stories will join us at the 2nd Nicosia Book Festival in a special booth dedicated to the favorite hero of children.

The Jürgen Banscherus was born in 1949 in Remscheid, Germany. He worked as a journalist, books editor and teacher and since 1989 he is dedicated to the writing of very successful children's and teenage books. His book series A Case for detective Klooz which completed 25 books in the series, has been translated into 18 languages ​​and has sold over 1,000,000 copies. Jürgen has received numerous awards for his work. In 2010 he was honored for his work with Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff Prize. The series has also been honored with Hansjorg-Martin-Preis, the most important German prize for writers of children's books.

Young readers will have the opportunity to become acquainted and to 'interrogate' the creator of Klooz.
As part of the festival a series of actions dedicated to Clooz are planned, such as interactive theatrical play, knowledge quiz about the stories of the little detective, book reviews, chat with the audience, and book signings.


17:30-  19:00   


   Jürgen Banscherus


    The author will be at the booth of Detective Klooz to meet young readers, take photos with them and sign his books.


Klooz is the greatest small detective of the world and of course the most worshiped detective of all children making him a phenomenon in literature for children. Each book in the series has a clever plot, delightful style and interesting characters with whom children can identify. The series has already gained many fanatic readers in Cyprus and Greece.



inspired by the story of

 Detective Kluz

Suspicious Milk at the Supermarket

METAIXMIO Publications

06 October 2019

at: 12:30 p.m.



Through interactive play, our small friends will solve puzzles, will investigate like young detectives to solve the mystery along with Kluz.

Young and old will have the opportunity to meet the author himself, Jürgen Banscherus, to talk with him about the stories of Kluz and sign books of their favorite hero.


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