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The organizing Committee of the Nicosia Book Fest 2020 wishes to inform you of the following:


Based on the decision of the Ministerial Council, dated 21 August 2020, regarding the restrictive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the organization of festivals in open spaces is prohibited until the 15th January 2021.


Consequently, the organization of the NBF 2020 is crucially affected as it cannot be realized in the form originally planned, with the physical presence of thousands of visitors to the Acropolis Park.


In full compliance with the announcements of the government, we have decided to turn the Festival into a hybrid event which will combine live presentations with live audience (within protocol numbers), live and videotaped online discussions, a digital platform that will host discussions, bookstores, publishers and other organizations, discussion forums, promotional material etc.


The change of the NBF 2020 into an electronic Festival will enable us to realise the Book Festival this year as well, with the aim of promoting literature, especially the work of young artists, both in Cyprus and abroad, bringing together the audience with the authors, publishers and all those involved with books (bookstores, publishing houses, organizations, etc.).


The new dates, as well as more details on the realization of the e-book Fest will be announced soon.

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