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 Note: All programme events are  
 in Greek unless otherwise stated 


                        SATURDAY 22/10                  



   10:30        PRESENTATION  

Presentation of Young Cypriot Writers

Young Cypriot writers present their latest publishing activity. Participants: Halil Karapasiaoglou, Tougse Tekanli, Alexandra Victoros, Sofia Barka and Maria Siakalli. Moderator: Marios Georgiou.

(The event will be in Greek and Turkish)

Organized by the Nicosia Book Fest in collaboration with the cultural ngo Kinisi Politismou.

    11:15       PRESENTATION     

Three generations of silence, Verengaria

by Yiola Damianou Papadopoulou

The author presents her latest novel. Ioanna Pissaridou will speak about the book.

Organized by TELEIA Publications.


   12:00       PRESENTATION   

Presentation of the Cyprus series ROTSOS of PSIFIDES publications

Presented by publisher Christos Mais. Authors Nikoletta Dimitriou and Nikos Moudouros participate.

Organized by PSIFIDES Publications.


   15:15       PRESENTATION   

The ‘trilogy’ “Defol - Smyrna 1922 Smyrna 1922”, “Harp - Cyprus 1974” and “Sukirim 353,000 - the Genocide of the Pontic Greeks”

by Dimitris Karagiannis

The author presents his three novels.


   16:00       PRESENTATION   


by Giorgos Kaskanis

The book will be presented by sociologist Nikos Peristianis and communication specialist Denise Birinzi. The editor Voula Kokkinou will address the event, a greeting, while the author’s will talk with the public.

Organized by En Typois Publications.


   16:45       BOOK PRESENTATION   

«All walls collapse:  Stories of separation»

The short stories in this anthology explore the barriers that have tried to divide communities and na-tions and their traumatic effects on people’s lives and stories. Constantia Sotiriou (author) and Lina Protopapa (translator) present the anthology and the Cypriot participation entitled “The Green Line”.


   17:30       PRESENTATION   

The Language Politics: 3000 Years-Long Multilingual Cypriot Poetry and Representations

of Cyprus by the Recent Turkish-Writing Literature

The Language Politics: 3000 Years-Long Multilingual Cypriot Poetry and Representations of Cyprus by the Recent Turkish-Writing Literature

Presentation by the Cypriot writer Mehmet Yaşın

Maria Siakalli (poet, translator) coordinates. Giorgos Frangos (writer and literary critic) will talk about the work of Mehmet Yaşın.

(The event will be in English, Greek and Turkish)


   18:15       BOOK PRESENTATION   


by Dimitris Christopoulos

Author Constantia Sotiriou presents and talks with the author about his new book.


   19:00       BOOK PRESENTATION   

The breath of those next to you

by Antonis Georgiou

The author Maria Ioannou talks with Antonis Georgiou about his new collection of short stories.


                    SUNDAY 23/10                  



   10:00        FESTIVAL OPENING   


   10:30       BOOK PRESENTATION   

There are Angels! A true story about the greatness of love and giving

by Stavros Kyprianou

The presentation of the book is dedicated to the memory of SYOP of NG Panagiotis Gianniou, who -with his death- gave life to other fellow human beings.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to support the Children’s Cancer Center of Karaiskakeio Foundation.


   11:15       PRESENTATION   

1984 by George Orwell

ΜA discussion on George Orwell’s emblematic work, 1984, on the occasion of the theatre play of THOC. Giorgos Myaris (philologist, writer) talks to Savvas Kyriakidis (THOC Artistic Director) and Leandros Tali-otis (Director) about the play and the issues it highlights.

Organized by the Nicosia Book Fest in collaboration with THOC.


   12:00       PRESENTATION / ΣΥΖΗΤΗΣΗ   

Immigration-Refugee and Literature: Stories of uprooting that travel together

Coordination; Maria Louka. The authors Pamela Anastasiou, Nasia Dionysiou,

Marios Michaelidis, Marina Michaelidou-Kadi, Giorgos Moleskis, Myria Mouridou,

Evrydiki Perikleous Papadopoulou and Constantia Soteriou participate.

Organized by the Pancypriot Organization for the Promotion of Literacy..


   15:30       PRESENTATION   

The Cyprus Writers’ Union presents the authors:

Andreas Onoufriou

Iosif S. Iosifidis

Giorgos Moleskis

Christos Hatzipapas

Vasilka Petrova-Hatzipapa



Tschick - Hello Berlin

Presentation of the German author’s much-translated work through the adventures of two 14-year-olds, the excitement of youth and unexplored adolescence, in a journey between childhood and adulthood that can even be done in a stolen Lada.

The presentation will be in Greek. Facilitated by Diomedis Koufteros

Organized by the Goethe Institute.


   17:15       PRESENTATION   

In blurry waters

by Chrysa Fantis

Constantia Soteriou, Nasia Dionysiou and Efrosyni Manda-Lazarou talk to the author about her new collection of short stories.


   18:00       PRESENTATION   

Índice Médio de Felicidade / Η διάρκεια ζωής της ευτυχίας

by David Machado

Presented by the author, Giorgos Moleskis (author, former member of the Cypriot EUPL prize committee) and Nestoras Poulakos (editor). It is moderated by journalist Giorgos Savvinidis. The Ambassador of Portugal in Cyprus, Vanda Sequeira, will deliver a greeting.

(The event will be in English and Greek)

Organized by Bacchikon Publications, Nicosia Book Fest, Direção-Geral do Livro,

dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas, Embassy of Portugal in Cyprus.


   19:00       PRESENTATION   

“To Rodakio” publications and the Cypriot authors

Authors of “To Rodakio” Publications (Antonis Georgiou, Kostas Lymbouris, Anna Maragou, Katerina Nikolaou, etc.) discuss with the publisher Mrs. Julia Tsiakiris about the publishing process, the aesthetics of the book, etc. Facilitated by Kostas Lymbouris.

As part of the event, Anna Maragou will also present the newly published work

of Katerina Nikolaou entitled “Tou Lykou”.




                    SATURDAY 22/10                  

   10:00       FESTIVAL OPENING   

10:15       PRESENTATION   

Seal Amicus Amicus: The story of a different seal

Collective publication of the Primary School Constantinoupoleos

Interactive presentation with the educator Christoforos Christophorou with the aim of raising awareness on the issue of the protection of the Monahus-Monahus seal. Ages: 6-12 years.


   11:00   ECO-MESSAGES   

Festive closing of a reading campaign

of the Ministry of Education and Rivergate Bookstore on the topic of ecology and the 17 goals of sustainable development of the UN. Schools present their work in an exhibition.


   11:30       BOOK PRESENTATION   

The Earth is our home, says Bouloubinos in the Parliament

Vangelis Iliopoulos in a world premiere presents Bouloubinos, the new hero of the book “The Earth is our home, says Bouloubinos in the Parliament».



In the hideout of the giant chimpanzee

by Dikaios Hatziplis

The author presents his book with an interactive game.

Organised by Rivergate Bookstore.


   14:30       PRESENTATION   

Are there white jasmines in heaven?

Presentation of the book by the author Maria Pieri Stasinou.


   15:00       TREASURE HUNT   

Immerse yourself in fairy tales

An exciting journey into the world of fairy tales with puzzles and clues that will lead young readers to find the lost treasure.

Organised by the Nicosia Book Fest in collaboration with the Rivergate bookstore.

   16:00    BOOK PRESENTATION with narration, role-play, pantomine and handcrafts   

Mrs Generous

by Nicoleta Kapilla

Mrs Generous has a small shop with “treasures”. When they come out of the boxes and jars chaos happens with a lot of confusion and misunderstandings! Through storytelling, role-playing, pantomime and handcrafts, the children will be asked to solve the problem.


   16:45       PRESENTATION   

The War of Words

by Maria Loizidou

An original story about the power of words and their ability to sometimes bring destruction and sometimes to create miracles. Interactive presentation by the author.


   17:30       PRESENTATION   

Operation ‘Logos’

of Petros Panau

The author presents the story of the teenager Renos, a clumsy boy who is, however, a master of writing. When he discovers a device that looks like a cell phone, he tries to finally have ‘voice’.

Organised by TELEIA Publications.


Trigonopsaroulis, NEVER trust...urchin!

A performance by Theatre Tsepis. At the end of the performance, the author, Vangelis Iliopoulos, joins the actors and together with the children they celebrate the 25th anniversary of Trigonopsaroulis.



Views of the Fantastic

A selection of children’s films from the archive of the Cyprus International Animation Festival Views of the World that stood out in the context of its children’s edition.

Organized by the Nicosia Book Fest in collaboration with Animafest Cyprus.


                    SUNDAY 23/10                  



Agent Lightning solves mysteries in no time:

2. Secret Mission on a hot air Balloon

by Yiota Diakou

Kids become Secret Agents and travel by hot air balloon to a mysterious island! With a lot of humor and intelligence they get to know the most unlikely secret agent methods to solve the mysteries in no time. An interactive presentation for ages 4-7.



25 years of Trigonopsaroulis

Vangelis Iliopoulos celebrates 25 years of Trigonopsaroulis and plays with the children parts of the adventures of Trigonopsaroulis book series.



The line has a voice

An experiential approach to music theory for children, teachers and parents that travels us through Symbols, Sounds, Rhythm, Movement, Expressive speech, Play, Improvisation for children 4-12 years old by the author Eleni Lagoudaki.

Organized by the music store/bookstore PARTASIDIS.


   12:30       MUSIC WORKSHOP   

«Dion the Accordion»

With the author, Cleopatra Charalambous, the children will get to know musical genres through listening, experientially using their bodies and their voices. They will sing and use rhythmic patterns. For ages 4-12.

Organized by Music Moments Culture.


   14:00       PRESENTATION Tai Chi   

Demonstration of the Tai Chi martial art.

Organized by Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus.


   14:15       PRESENTATION   

The questions that will change the world

by Antonis Zarindas

A story around the subject of fake news and information with the aim of approaching literature as pleasure. For children 9+ years old.


   15:00       BOOK PRESENTATION   

A Unicorn without a horn

by Eleni Hectoros

A tale about acceptance and empathy towards people who have a disability or illness.

Organized by EVGNOMON Publications.


   15:45       PRESENTATION   

Give-away Library

with the author Dikaios Hatziplis

Sophocles chooses a book from the lending library. As soon as he opens it, bears, toys fly out... But the time comes for him to return it. He has to give it ALL back! Or maybe not?

   16:30       PRESENTATION   

Lena and the bee

bu Anna Kouppanou

A book about love, about what we thought we knew and what we can still learn.


   17:15       LITERARY WALK   

Time travel... from Jules Verne to Harry Potter

Through an imaginary walking journey through time, the children will be guided to the greatest works of world children’s literature through play and interactions while Cypriot authors talk to the children and reveal their secrets.

Organised the Nicosia Book Fest.


   18:00       CHILDREN’S NARRATION   

Forever Z – A mysterious journey into the past

by Demetra Charalambous

An exciting story that will engage children in interactions with the aim of unlocking the place, time, plot and characters of the book.


   18:45       THEATRE PERFORMANCE   

Let the fairy tale begin

Three folk tales combine  narration, music, acting and original puppet dolls. Presented the theatre team of Vasiliki Andreou and Marios Stylianou.




                    THURSDAY 13/10                  


   17:00       Workshop for booklovers with treasure hunt   

Dr. Gigantic

Facilitated by Yiota Diakou (author, educator)

(maximum number of participants 20)

A story full of humor and imagination, awarded by the Cyprus IBBY. A giant tries to collect the most Weird and Terrible Flying Objects (UFOs), through an adventurous treasure hunt in the park area!

For children aged 9-12 years

Working language: Greek


   18:00       Cartoon CharacterS Creation Workshop & Cartoon Cover Design   

Let’s make our own cartoon

Facilitated by Panayiota Michael

Children will have the opportunity to make their own Cartoon characters. They will then design their own cover.

For children aged 6-13 years.

 Organized by EVGNOMON Publications.

Working language: Greek





                    FRIDAY 14/10                  


   15:30       CREATIVE WORKSHOP (Greek / Turkish)   

The Other

(maximum number of participants 20)

Workshop facilitator: Maria Siakalli (translator, poet)

Young authors from the two communities are invited to prepare pieces on the theme “The other” in their own language. The purpose of this workshop is cultural exchange and mutual cultural inspiration. The texts will be translated and will form a collective, edited publications of short stories.

(Note: Mandatory knowledge of English).

Organized by the Nicosia Book Fest with the Union of Artists and Writers of Cyprus.


   17:00        EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP   

In the hideout of the giant chimpanzee [Παρέα µε τον γιγαντιαίο χιµπαντζή]

facilitated by Dikaios Hatziplis

(µέγιστος αριθµός συµµετεχόντων 30)

(maximum number of participants 30)

Books and play for a magical classroom.

Experiential workshop for teachers.

Working language: Greek



                    SATURDAY 22/10                  


   19:30       IN MEMORIAM   

Tribute to the life and work of Tasos Livaditis

on the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the poet’s birth.

Presentation: Thomas Symeou


   20:00       MUSIC PERFORMANCE   

This star is for all of us

A musical performance dedicated to Tasos Livaditis with Giorgos Kalogirou

as artistic director.

Participating artists:

Giorgos Kalogirou

Frederiki Tombazou

Paris Paraschos

Dimitris Souroulas


                    SUNDAY 23/10                  


   20:00        BOOK PRESENTATION of publication of   


Because if the child is saved, there is hope

Presented by lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou and journalist Alexandra Christakaki.

The proceeds of the publication will be allocated to unaccompanied children supported by the Hope for Children CRC Policy Center.


   20:45       THEATRE PERFORMANCE   

Μακρυκωσταίοι και Κοντογιώργηδες

Organised by the Nicosia Book Fest in collaboration 

with the Cyprus Theatre Organisation.

Directed by: Panagiotis Larkou

A hilarious comedy by Alekos Sakellarios and Christos Giannakopoulos. It is the story of a family feud that haunts the lives of two ordinary people who do not know each other. Will they manage to come out of this frantic chase unscathed?



Vasilis Vasilakis,

Petros Yorkatzis,

Michalis Kazakas,

Iliana Kakkoura,

Naya T. Karakosta,

Michalis Moustakas,

Onisiforos Onisiforou,

Vasilis Charalambous,

Angel Hatzimichael.





                    FRIDAY 14/10                  



Inauguration of the photo exhibition dedicated to the life and work of José Saramago.

The inauguration will be performed by the Ambassador of Portugal in Cyprus, Ms Vanda Sequeira

and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PROMITHEAS Research Institute, Mr Menelaos Menelaou.


(The event will be in English)


   19:30       PRESENTATION   

100 years since the birth of José Saramago

Presentation of the life and work of José Saramago, by Sergio Machado Letria,

Director of the José Saramago Foundation in Portugal.

Organized by the Nicosia Book Fest and the Embassy of Portugal in Cyprus.


(The event will be in English)

                     SATURDAY 22/10                  


   10:00       BOOK EXHIBITION   

Book Exhibition dedicated to Portuguese literature

VENUE: Booth of Portuguese Literature - next to the Literary Stage


   12:00      RECITING   

José Saramago

Reciting of excerpts of the greatest works of Saramago.

VENUE: Stage - Analoyio at the Park


                     SUNDAY 23/10                  


   10:00       BOOK EXHIBITION   

Book Exhibition dedicated to Portuguese literature

VENUE: Booth of Portuguese Literature - next to the Literary Stage


   18:00       ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΣΗ   

Índice Médio de Felicidade

by David Machado

Presented by the author, Giorgos Moleskis (author, former member of the Cypriot EUPL prize committee

and Nestoras Poulakos (editor). It is moderated by journalist Giorgos Savvinidis.

The Ambassador of Portugal in Cyprus, Vanda Sequeira, will deliver a greeting.

Organized by Bacchikon Publications, Nicosia Book Fest, Direção-Geral do Livro,

dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas, Embassy of Portugal in Cyprus.

VENUE: Literary Stage



                        SATURDAY 22/10                  



Everything is possible for a hug

Loukia Stavrinou

   12:00       RECITING   

Jose Saramago

Presentation of excerpts from the author’s works.

   17:20       POETRY PERFORMANCE   


Annetta Benzar


Stormy weather 

Evangelia Charalambous-Paftinou, Despina Katsantoni,

Marina Nikolaou.


Three Poems 

Michael-Angelos Englezos




                    SUNDAY 23/10                  



   11:05       THEATRICAL NARRATION   

The Pizzigatti - a year with Oliver, The Pizzigatti Encore

Marianna Gallidis

   11:45       POETIC NARRATION   

Tasos Livaditis

Reciting of excerpts from the poet’s works.


Red lake

Sofia Barka




Presented by the Teatro Angelico group

   18:35       VIDEO COLLAGE - NARRATION   

The flesh of the tongue 

Anna Psalti






   18:00        FURRY BOOK CLUB   

Reading Dogs of the Cyprus IBBY

Come with us to read a beautiful book with a dog! Experiential presentation with trained dogs that read with the children. An action that develops the animal loving feelings of children organised by the Cyprus Association of Children’s and Youth Books.


   CONTESTS και SPECIAL PRIzES   22-23/10   

Visitors will have the opportunity to enter several contest in various actions

and events of the festival and win prizes.

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